Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Water Heaters, like any mechanical device, will last longer with regular preventive water-heatermaintenance. Applying our simple tips outlined below can make your water heater last much longer. If you don’t consider yourself a DIY Guru, please call our professional plumbers at: 541-382-7710 or fill out our Contact Form to learn how Firkus Plumbing  can be your Central Oregon Water Heater Specialist.

  • To extend the life of your water heater, drain the tank annually. This removes any sediment that may have built up inside the tank.  Not all water heaters are the same, so make sure you follow the manufactures recommendation while doing this. The water that drains  will be dangerously HOT, so use extreme care when draining the tank.
  • Turn down the thermostat for your water heater. It’s easy! Setting your water heater thermostat to the mid to low range will still provide loads of hot water while increasing the life of your water heater and cutting down your energy costs.
  • Install a hot water insulation jacket for your water heater. Insulating your water heater keeps the hot water heated longer and reduces standby heat loss (heat lost through the partitions of the tank) by 25-40%. This saves you money and limits how hard the water heater has to work.
  • Water saving shower heads in your bathrooms and aerated faucets in your sinks reduce the quantity of hot water you use. This minimizes how hard your water heater needs to work, thus extending its life.
  • Insulating your hot water pipes will limit heat loss as hot water flows through the pipes to your faucet.
  • Have your water heater inspected by a certified plumbing technician, every year or so. The pros will keep your water heater in tip top shape.
  • Have a certified technician replace the anode rod (a small metal rod in the heater) about every five years. Corrosive chemical compounds in the water are drawn to the anode rod instead of the water heater tank itself. Replacing the anode rod can prevent corrosion on the main water heater tank, making the water heater last longer.

About Firkus Plumbing:  Firkus Plumbing is a family owned business that has been proudly serving Central Oregon since 1971.  We’re dedicated to providing the best plumbing services and best customer service to all our valued customers. Whether you’re experiencing problems at your home, or your business, we have a team for that!  Call us today to experience the difference Firkus Plumbing can make.  Thanks for letting our family serve your family!


2 thoughts on “Water Heater Maintenance Tips

  1. I just wanted to thank you for going over some maintenance tips for water heaters. I actually had no idea that insulating the pipes can actually help prevent heat loss. Kind of curious to learn more about how someone can make sure that the pipes are insulated, or what the procedure can be like depending on the tools that are being used.


  2. Thanks for helping me understand that setting the thermostat in mid to low range will make the system last for a long period of time. I guess this is the reason why our heater is having an issue. It is because we have set it at high temperature ever since we lived in this property. Now, the heater is not giving enough warmth at this time when we need it the most since it is almost winter.


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