Oops, I Did It Again!


Things that you tried to do, but it just didn’t work out that way.

  1. When fixing a sink, faucet or water line, you used incompatible parts; now there’s a leak or that square peg won’t fit into the round hole. Plumbing parts might look simple, but they can be very intricate and while things LOOK like they should go together, for some reason, they won’t fit. A licensed plumber knows how to join parts correctly and secures them so there won’t be any leaking or breaking.

  2. You had a DIY project for your home and after cleaning up, you find the drains are plugged. Construction materials (paints, drywall debris, etc.) can harden & clog a drain faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Your project might look magnificent, except for that standing water in the sink. When you cleaned up after your project, you flushed some debris down the drain and now it’s stuck to the walls of the drain pipes. Time for a thorough drain cleaning, and not with some corrosive chemical in a bottle! A trained drain cleaning technician can get those drains running smoothly again.

  3. Your shower head is drip-drip-dripping away and it’s driving you nuts! Could you have a shower caddy on the shower head that has too many things stored in it? That extra weight is putting stress on the fixture & allowing for a leak to form. Shower heads are generally not designed to hold much of anything, so you may need to invest in something with suction cups and attach it to a wall or tub rim.

  4. Let’s see; your kitchen or bathroom faucet won’t shut off all the way and there is an annoying little drip or stream of water. So you use all your might to crank it tighter to stop the water. Not a good idea! The handle could break off outright; or the insides could loosen and not grab as it should. A licensed plumber knows what needs to be done to stop that leak. It might be just a matter of installing a new cartridge inside the faucet, but getting the proper part is important. Or, it might be time for a whole new faucet.

  5. And speaking of #4; thread stripping is one of the most common problems that arise stripped threadsfrom DIY’ers. If you tighten a connection too much, you could (and many time do) strip the threads at the connection or bend it so there are tiny gaps that leak. A licensed plumber has experience and he knows just the right amount of pressure needed to get the job done properly.


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