Hydro Jetting – It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

hydro jetHydro jetting is a process where a high pressure jet-spray of water (up to 4000 psi) is used to clean out blockages in pipes (not toilets). Usually restaurants schedule a regular drain cleaning to get rid of grease and other food build up.

In a residence a big clog might be more than something flushed down the drain, i.e. hair, toys, clothing, paper, etc.  It may be tree roots that have invaded the pipe. Hydro jetting can cut through some of them, but you probably should get a snake involved to break up the larger roots.

One caution about tree roots; most likely they got in there through a small crack in the pipes and hydro jetting and snaking may make the problem worse. So we recommend having the sewer line inspected with a camera. This can be arranged through a licensed plumber.

Since hydro jetting uses only water, it is environmentally friendly. It cleans out all the residue on the pipe walls, where snaking just removes the clog.

Hydro jetting should be done by a professional. The high-pressure could damage lines if not properly monitored and performed.  If you would like to have your pipes hydro jetted, give a call! Firkus Plumbing 541.382.7710

One thought on “Hydro Jetting – It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

  1. My friend has a septic tank and they think they have a blockage, and they don’t know how they can get rid of it. I have never heard of hydro jetting before! It sounds like a great option if it can spray that high of a water spray at the blockage! That sounds like it would be a great option for them! I will have to let them know! Thank you!


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