Think Winterization Now!

winterizeThe number one cause of water line breaks in the spring is lack of winterization in the fall/early winter.  Your outdoor hose bibb’s are the number one source.  Especially in older homes, if you do not drain the water source and insulate or protect the pipe, there is a very good chance that you will end up with a crack or split as warm up/freeze cycle takes over during the winter.

How to keep a happy hose bibb:

The first freeze is a definite signal that you should get your hose bibs and outside pipes drained or protected.  If you are dead set against turning off and draining the water, investing in coverings for the spigot/pipes might help.  When water freezes, it expands and forces the pipes to expand with it; then when a warm up comes, pipes will contract. All that movement can and most likely will lead to a split or crack in the pipes.

We could tell you horror stories about water damage to walls, floors, furniture and possessions from busted pipes.  It is a sad day for any homeowner to have to call a restoration service for something that could have been easily prevented. Vacation homes are also vulnerable, as owners do not think to winterize a place that they are in for just a short time of the year.

Investing in a frost free hose bibb can help, but you may want that “extra” layer of protection with proper insulation for the hose bibb or pipes.

You may opt to have all of your exposed pipes inspected for proper insulation and protection during the winter months when there are several freezing or sub-freezing days.  Ensuring your pipes are protected – especially if you are going to be away will bring you peace of mind that when the weather warms, those pipes that could have frozen, will have little change of leaking, splitting or bursting, causing any number of problems and damage to your home & property.

Call Firkus Plumbing  (541-382-7710) to schedule a professional to come and properly winterize your home.

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