Stinky Sewer Smells Drifting Out of Your Drains?

There are not many of us who can boast we can remember what life was like before stinky1indoor plumbing. While indoor plumbing is very convenient, when something doesn’t seem right a whole can of worms can be opened.

If you have ever noticed a funky smell coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains, it could be a sign of trouble. But, we’re happy to report, it might be an easy fix.

Looking at the plumbing under your sink, you know that “U” shaped pipe? Well, that is there to hold water (as well as collect things you accidentally drop down there). The water acts as a smell barrier from sewer pipes further down in the plumbing.

If the water has dried up in that pipe, the smells can waft up into the room. Fixing it is as easy as running water in the sink for a few seconds.

But what if the smell remains?

You can try a solution of bleach and water along with a long flexible pipe brush. Remove the drain cover to scrub away the filmy residue that has coated the walls of your pipe. Then rinse with plenty of water.

If the smell persists, it’s time to “go deep” and call a plumber. Firkus Plumbing will be happy to come out and give your drains a thorough cleaning. Call us today: 541-382-7710

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