It’s A Tankless Job

Common problems with tankless water heaters:

-No hot water

First, check the electric power, gas line and water line
Check the shut off valves to see if they are closed
Is the burner working?
Check for an error code
If in the winter, check to see if the unit or water lines are frozen

-Low water pressure

First check with the utility company to see if there is a low water pressure
problem on their end.

The plumber will:

Check your gas pressure. The gas pressure can effect of water flow to
your appliance and make it work harder to meet the requested
temperature you desire.
Check the water filter for obstructions and other fixtures or plumbing for

-Hot Water Fluctuation

Check the cold water intake to see if there is any debris before calling the

The plumber will:

Check to make sure your vent pipe is the appropriate length
Check the flow sensor to see if it’s damaged
Check the gas line for the correct size and (max.) BTU
Check the plumbing network for any fluctuations

-If the water is too hot:

Check the thermostat to verify where it is set
Check shower heads, faucets for clogs or other blockages that will affect
the temperature.

The plumber will:

Flush and descale the unit, if needed
Check the output temperature sensor. It could be misaligned or broken

-Water not hot enough

Water temp set too low?
Check the venting system; is it clean of debris & does it provide enough fresh air
for proper combustion?

The plumber will:

Check for a crossover where cold water is mixing with hot. Possibly the
single lever mixing valve was improperly installed, or it has failed.

-Burner not igniting/no flame.

Make sure gas, electricity & water are turned on.

The plumber will:

Bleed all air from gas line

-Unit is too noisy

Check fan for debris
Make sure the burner is throwing a light blue flame
 Preventing Problems:

Regular annual inspections will go a long way to prevent a costly repair.

-Make sure all vents, motors and passageways are clear of debris

-Look at the flame to be sure it is burning clear blue and evenly across the surface of the burner

– Flush the heat exchanger and descale if you see a mineral build up

-Keep the area around the vent clear of snow & ice

If you notice the fan continuing to run after you use the hot water, this is normal. The appliance is programmed to make sure any combustibles are vented out. Also, you might notice a white “smoke” being vented out. This too is normal, especially if it is cold and the exhaust is warmer than the air temperature, thus causing the visible vapor.

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