Is It Time To Replace Your Water Line?

tree roots in pipe 1We take for granted access to our water supply. The truth is, water lines don’t last forever. If you are living in a newly constructed home, you should not be experiencing any water flow issues. But if you live in a house that is older (say, 25+ years) or have a lot of old tree growth, you may be experiencing some water line issues.

Some water line problems arise when tree roots wrap themselves around or invade the water lines. There are several ways to remove tree roots from the water line including cutting them out to employing toxic chemicals that destroy the roots. If you choose the latter, you need to contact a licensed plumber with training to use the chemicals.

Note that if tree root problems occur over and over, a new water line may be needed.

If your home is very old, the pipes may have just worn out. They do not last forever. Consult your licensed plumber to discuss the options and cost of replacing your water line.

You can prolong the life of your water line with attention to its maintenance and care. Although it may not need to be done annually, having a water line inspection is a good thing. A technician with a specialized camera can survey the inside of the water line to find root invasion, cracks or other problems. The cost of this service is usually reasonable and could be cheaper than having to deal with problems when they become a big headache.

Whatever your plumbing needs, remember that Firkus Plumbing is there for you. We’re one the of oldest family run plumbing services in Central Oregon. Call us today! 541-382-7710.

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