Word of the Day: Hydration!

The summer is upon us and heat waves are inevitable. Start gearing up your body with a hydration routine well before that thermometer reaches the OMG stage. If you are already there, keep that water a-comin’. If hot temperatures (over 90°) are in the forecast, you will be much more comfortable if you begin drinking more water NOW.

Getting your body ready to sweat means your body can react more efficiently to cool down and the possibility of dehydration is lessened. When it’s super-hot, you don’t realize just how much water your body loses by sweating. It’s not just your head and neck, your limbs and even feet sweat, and valuable moisture evaporates faster than your realize.

Sweat contains salt that your body needs to function. You want to replace that salt if you are sweating a lot, as soon as you can. Sport drinks contain sodium to help replenish that salt.

If you are lucky enough to spend your days in a pool, lake, stream or ocean, your evaporation rate is somewhat lessened as you won’t sweat as much because the water cools you. (Note: the ocean is salty, so you need to drink extra water or fluids when in the ocean. Ironic isn’t it?)

So start drinking more water today! And if you work where there is heavy manual labor, having sport drinks available is a good idea.  And take a cooling break often.


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