Pets and Plumbing


Here in Central Oregon, we are quite proud to boast that over 60% of households have a pet; primarily a dog. And we love our dogs but we don’t love them coming in from outside after rolling around in the dirt or mud! Since there are so many places outdoors to take your pet; having an encounter with a skunk or something equally as stinky or dirty can be something we dread.

If you want to bring in your pet after an outing, rinse them off while outside to get rid of as much mud and nature (grass, pine needles, etc.) as possible. Give your plumbing a fighting chance and leave the debris outside!

You’re going to have to feel around for clumps of stuff that are matted on the fur; or even just matted fur itself. You may need to do a pre-bath brushing to get rid of hairy situations.

If you have a cat that happens to get muddy, do your best to rinse them off before bringing them inside.

Be sure to have a drain strainer in the tub or sink to catch fur that will be shed when you are bathing your pet. It will go a long way in keeping the pipes clear.

BTW: Dogs and cats have body temperature regulators that are much more efficient than a humans; they can tolerate a longer exposure to cold and cold water much better than we can!

Those exposed pipes kinda look chewable!dog chew

PEX piping can look like a chew toy. The polyethylene could attract the attention of a dog or puppy, especially if they are a chewer. Exposed PEX could be a real draw for bored pets. If you have cabinets where PEX is exposed, try to keep the doors shut. If you can’t do that; try to hide the PEX in some manner. How creative can you get? *The same applies to wiring. Cats and dogs love to chew wires!

Your dog views your toilet a one big ‘ol water bowl.

dog drink toiletYour pet will find water anywhere it can if it’s thirsty. Be sure to keep a tab on water bowls and feeders. Keep them filled and for Pete’s sake, close the toilet lid! There will be lingering chemicals from cleaning your toilet.  If they can’t get into the toilet bowl, they will always go to the proper water bowls.

And speaking of toilets; never flush kitty litter down the toilet! Even if it says “flushable”- it really isn’t (it becomes like cement). It will clog up your pipes (same is true for those “flushable” toilet wipes for humans- bad idea!

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