Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal cleaningYou clean your sinks, tubs and refrigerators; so why not clean your garbage disposal? We know that cleaning can prolong the life of an appliance.

Sometimes we take our garbage disposals for granted; they are the workhorse of the kitchen clean up. We tend to put almost anything down the grinder; but there are some things that can cause problems with the disposal.

Food with fibers such as corn husks, celery, some meats and bones are more difficult for your disposal to digest and can dull the *blades. Also try not to pour grease down the drain, it can gum up the works.

Keeping you disposal clean and clear will keep dollars in your pocket. Here’s the best way to clean your garbage disposal:

Give it a good water flush. This is the simplest way to loosen any food, grime and dirt. The best method is to plug up the sink on the garbage disposal side; fill it with hot water and some de-greasing dish soap. Stir up the water to mix in the soap, then remove the plug. The pressure of the water, along with the sudsy de-greaser can flush out debris. The hot water can help melt some caked-on grease.

Here’s something that goes against the grain: use ice and salt to clean any sludge on the walls in the disposal and sharpen the blades. Yes it will make quite a racket, but it does the job. Make sure the water is running during this process to help wash away any debris. Vinegar and baking soda also does the cleaning trick, but will not sharpen the blades.

Go in deep – with a brush! Getting a stiff dish brush and some soap to scrub the walls of the disposer. The unit should not be turned on during this part. And for goodness sake, do not stick your hand in the disposal! As always, rinse with plenty of water after scrubbing.

For a cherry on top of the cake: grind up small sections of a lemon or lime peel for a fresh scent.

*Technically, they are not “blades” but rather “impellers” to help grind up the food debris.

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